Making a difference

Adelle Martin, Non-executive director
Primary First Trust

"I wanted to combine my focus for learning and growth with my passion for developing others and making a difference - the Non-Executive Director is the perfect role to do both with added benefit of working with my own community."

Impressive appointment

Simon Beamish, CEO
Leigh Academies Trust

'This is the second time you have provided us with such an impressive appointment.' 

We have been particularly impressed by the high calibre of candidates

Alison Calvert, Chair
Cathedral Schools Trust

"The input from Academy Ambassadors throughout the process has been excellent."

A successful recruitment

Gurinder Singh Josan CBE
Victoria Academies Trust

"Victoria Academies Trust have successfully recruited Trustees to our Board through the recruitment service offered by Academy Ambassadors.  I found the service to be extremely efficient and flexible to suit the needs of our trust and simple to use.  We have been impressed by the calibre of candidates available and now have excellent additions to our Board with the expertise we advertised for - and all at no cost to the trust.  Perfect!"

Academy Ambassadors' approach meant that I had the opportunity to be “matched” to an oganisation

David Mitchell
Radcliffe Academy Trust

The opportunity to connect with an organisation on a long-term basis as it develops and goes on its road of growth very much appealed to me

We have made two excellent appointments.

Geoff Wyss, Chair
Guilford Education Partnership

"I have been very impressed with the service offered by Academy Ambassadors."

We were very impressed by the service that Academy Ambassadors provided

Angela Whatley
John Milton Academy Trust

"All the candidates Academy Ambassadors referred were of a very high calibre."

The right skills

Jonathan Wilden
Head teacher, WCGS

"We now have the right skills at the table with regards to strategic development and accountability"

Naivety is good in this situation

Ian Hancocks, non-executive
LEAD Academy Trust

 "I am able to offer a degree of challenge with a fresh pair of eyes"

My experience with the Academy Ambassadors has been fantastic

Abbas Khurshid
Webster Primary School

"I wanted to contribute something back to my local community"