I would recommend using Academy Ambassadors

David Willis
Chair, Paradigm Trust

"We were pleased with the support provided by Academy Ambassadors"

Academy Ambassadors identified a field of very strong candidates

Martin Rigby, Chair
Morris Education Trust

"We were able to make two excellent appointments."

Ongoing success of the trust

Philip White, Chair
Unity Schools Trust

I would like to thank you again for the support and contribution to the board of trustees at Unity Schools Trust (UST) both recently and since 2016.
With your help we have changed the board from one based on representation from governing bodies to one that is now predominantly skills based; since 2016 we have appointed three trustees via Academy Ambassadors (AA) and are about to interview candidates from you for a fourth independent trustee role.
The range and quality of candidates has always been of a standard which has enabled us to identify individuals with the personal attributes and business skills required at that time. While I realise that we have, at times, been very selective, we have learned to rely on your advice and the services provided by AA to support the transformation of our board and the ongoing success of the trust.

Thank you for your support.

Philip White, Chair, Unity Schools Trust

Leave things better than you find them

Kim-Adele Platts, Non-executive director
Equals Trust

I am delighted to have started with the trust.  Since having my little girl the desire to try and leave things better than I found them has been even stronger, and the chance to work with the academy and help shape a better future for our children’s education is such an amazing privilege.

I would strongly recommend Academy Ambassadors

Mike Parish
Samuel Ward Academy Trust

"The Academy Ambassadors documentation is thorough, informative and highly accessible. It would rank highly amongst the best business information packs."

Instrumental in re-shaping the board

Tim Hulme
Chief Executive, Rye Academy Trust

“As part of a change management programme, Academy Ambassadors has been working alongside Rye Academy Trust for the past year. In helping to establish and appoint three new Trustees, they have been instrumental in re-shaping the board. I have been particularly impressed at the way in which Sarah and her team approached the assignment and their understanding of the Trust and it’s needs. I energetically and unreservedly recommend them to sector colleagues”

Students reaching their potential

Sam Page
Non-executive, Diocese of Canterbury Academy Trust

 "I look forward to supporting them as they seek to enable more young people to fulfil their potential."

A successful recruitment

Gurinder Singh Josan CBE
Victoria Academies Trust

"Victoria Academies Trust have successfully recruited Trustees to our Board through the recruitment service offered by Academy Ambassadors.  I found the service to be extremely efficient and flexible to suit the needs of our trust and simple to use.  We have been impressed by the calibre of candidates available and now have excellent additions to our Board with the expertise we advertised for - and all at no cost to the trust.  Perfect!"

Strong governance is fundamental

Lord Nash
Department for Education

Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, on the need for strong governance and business engagement to support academy trusts as they grow.

Such was their quality we have offered both candidates positions on our Board

John Atkins CBE, Chair
The Kemnal Academies Trust

"I was kept informed at each stage of the process"