I believe that academies can be a catalyst for positive change

"Academy ambassadors were quick and effective."

Robert McDonald
Newcastle Bridges School

If I had tried to do this alone I would have been far less successful

"I have secured two positions on very different MATs and I am enjoying the experience enormously, as well as learning

Gavin Flynn
Sower and Vine Schools Trust (Diocese of Chelmsford)

A chance to add value

"Add value and improve education"

Janet Bridgwater, Non-Executive Director

Naivety is good in this situation

"I am able to offer a degree of challenge with a fresh pair of eyes"

Ian Hancocks, non-executive
LEAD Academy Trust

"I wanted to give something back"

"I have already learnt a lot and am now beginning to make a contribution."

Roderic Rennison
Wembley High Multi Academy Trust

Experience and development in a different sector

I applied for a Non Exec Director position with a Multi-Academy Trust because I saw it as an opportunity to contribute the skills and experience I have gained in my

Sarah Cooper, BAE Systems and Non-executive director
Wimborne Academy Trust

Academy Ambassadors has helped us recruit two non-executive directors of exceptional quality

"Sarah Pittam liaised closely with us and listened carefully to our needs."

Samantha Coates
University of Brighton Academies Trust

A community's future

"Every child...deserves the chance to aspire."

Tim Courtenay
Non-exec, Hinkler Academies Trust

Ensuring the development of talent in the UK

I passionately believe in the value of good education and the benefits it brings not only to individuals but also to society as a whole.

Gemma Rogers
The Boswells School Trust

Putting Children First

"for the sake of our young people"

David Johnston, Non-Executive Director
Engage, Enrich, Excel