Corporate Britain has a huge role to play in education

"I encourage academy trusts and business leaders to come together through Academy Ambassadors."

Paul Marshall, Chair
Ark Schools

Arbor Academy

'...amazed at the calibre of people you are finding.'

Graham Moss, Vice Chair
Arbor Academy

Academy Ambassadors is a thoroughly professional organisation

"It has been a very good experience."

Keith Kirby
The Synaptic Trust

Invaluable support

“The support and advice from Academy Ambassadors has been invaluable. The opportunity to talk through the likely requirements of the role with Sarah Pittam was

Mark Jeffries
Newly appointed Chair and Member of Evolution Academy Trust

Education for the next generations

"State education throughout got me where I am."

Roy Sanders, Non-exec
Burnt Mill Academy Trust

Breaking the link

"I hope my experience will help the Trust achieve its mission of breaking the link between poverty and under-achievement

Michael Wemms
Chair, E-ACT

I look forward to improving the life chances of young people.

"It was clear to me that Academy Ambassadors is a passionate and talented team."

Steve Lees
Moor End Academies Trust

Students reaching their potential

"I look forward to supporting them as they seek to enable more young people to fulfil their potential."

Sam Page
Non-executive, Diocese of Canterbury Academy Trust

Adding Maximum Value

"I’ve been looking for an opportunity to add maximum value to the community I live in."

Juli Oliver Smith, Non-Executive Director
Stour Academy Trust

Ongoing success of the trust

I would like to thank you again for the support and contribution to the board of trustees at Unity Schools Trust (UST) both recently and since 2016. With your help we

Philip White, Chair
Unity Schools Trust