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During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Academy Ambassadors Programme team will continue to offer a high-quality trustee recruitment service for those trusts that ask us to, but will not proactively engage new trusts or expect trusts to respond while dealing with innumerable other challenges. 

We are collating resources and guidance that may be useful on our COVID-19 support hub. For more updates, follow @theNSN on Twitter. 
If you would like us to support your recruitment during this time, we will absolutely do so. Let us know by contacting Emma Gregory, Head of the Academy Ambassadors Programme

The recruitment service is tailored to the needs of each multi-academy trust and usually takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Your Regional Adviser will inform you of the likely timescale during your consultation. 

This form requires information regarding your trust including size, schools, future plans, role description and key competencies required. 
PDF icon Download a copy of the form here.