Academy Trust CEO Mentoring: Mentee Opportunities

New Schools Network is proud to announce the launch of Academy Trust CEO mentoring as part of the Academy Ambassadors programme. The programme is funded by the Department of Education and will initially run from August 2019 – March 2020.

New and aspiring multi-academy trust (MAT) CEOs are often experts in education leadership and driven by a strong sense of purpose. However, the role of a MAT CEO may present unfamiliar challenges: defining a compelling vision and strategy across multiple schools, managing complex multi-site structures and premises, moving into corporate governance and operating within financial constraints facing competing demands. A business mentor can help senior education leaders make a success in their critical transition to CEO.

“The mentoring that I received from an experienced member of the business community was instrumental my becoming a CEO. It gave me ownership of the next steps and embedded long-term changes in my practice.”

Nick Cross, CEO, Kings Academy Trust

Who is eligible: Only current and prospective MAT CEOs are eligble for the mentoring programme. 

How you can sign up: Please express your interest in finding a mentor here, alternatively contact [email protected] 

The process:

  1. Mentees and mentors register their interest with Academy Ambassadors and are asked to highlight their areas of interest and skills to be improved (mentees) areas of expertise (mentors).
  2. Academy Ambassadors matches mentor to mentee, based on location and the mentee’s needs. This process can take a few weeks or months.
  3. Once a match has been agreed, parties will be asked to sign basic terms and conditions, followed by introductions via email.
  4. The mentor and mentee arrange their own first meeting at a mutually convenient time and place.
  5. Academy Ambassadors makes contact after the initial meeting for feedback to provide support or reference further contacts as required.
  6. The mentor and mentee choose the date, time and place of the next meeting (this may be by skype or phone) and may decide to arrange a board observation or other activity.
  7. Academy Ambassadors makes contact to check the status of the relationship after three months and again after six months to gain feedback and to understand the impact mentoring has had.
  8. The mentee-mentor agree between themselves whether to meet again and how often after the six-month duration concludes.

Academy Ambassadors offers CEOs of MATs, with three or more schools, the opportunity to benefit from a business mentor for an initial period of 6 months. This mentoring is offered at no cost to the trust or CEO.

“From my own very positive experience, I consider leadership coaching and/or mentoring essential for MAT executive leaders, particularly CEOs.”

Mark Ducker, CEO, STEP Academy Trust

For more information on the CEO mentoring programme contact: [email protected]