Induction Pack

Resources for non-executive directorslearn about induction into a NED role
learn about induction into a NED role

Our induction pack is designed to help you navigate through the first months covering the essential information you need to know as you begin your role as a non-executive director.

We've compiled the essentials for your first 100 days in the role, including essential funding and data information. However your trust should provide you with a formal induction before your first board meeting. This pack has been created to provide you with key information and to also let you know what you should expect from your trust and what will be expected of you in your new role as a board member on a multi-academy trust. 

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The pack has been designed following the research Academy Ambassadors commissioned from Populus, in which previously appointed non-executive directors suggested an easily accessible induction pack would have been useful when they had begun their role.