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The Academy Ambassadors Programme is expert at attracting strong board candidates from business and the professions and has placed over 1,900 senior business leaders as non-executive directors (NEDs). Academy Ambassadors are motivated by a desire to give back. They also want to develop the skills of school leavers and to boost social mobility for pupils from deprived backgrounds. This brochure details how the Academy Ambassadors Programme team can help you recruit the board your academy trust needs.

Academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs) work hard to raise standards and turn around failing schools. As academy trusts seek to provide more young people with better life chances they face both opportunities and risks. Governance is ever more important and requires a high-calibre board in a system where funding, accountability and control are devolved to trusts. The Department for Education, Regional Schools Commissioners and Education and Skills Funding Agency have high expectations. Trusts therefore need to have the right people with the right skills around the board table to provide challenge and scrutiny, guidance and support.

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