Board roles as part of a leadership development programme

"Education needs to be the #1 issue for the UK. There is no more important issue facing this country than education.
Our ambition for our nation's children will determine how our society, economy and country performs in years to come."

CBI First Steps Report

Academy Trust Board roles are a unique way for employers to develop their senior managers' leadership capabilities.

The roles develop a wide range of leadership competencies – financial stewardship, reputation management, organisational development and standards in public life. Knowledge and experience of education is not a pre-requisite. However, the roles do require strategic leadership and sometimes ask for specific skills such as change management, HR, legal or financial skills. 

Academy Ambassadors also has partner organisations that can support junior and middle leaders into single school governance roles.

Ourbenefits guide’ provides more details and the Academy Ambassadors team can help to define expected outcomes in line with your own corporate frameworks.