Effective search

James Weatherill, Non-executive Director
Langley Park Learning Trust

"I wish private sector search firms were this effective! Sarah (Regional Adviser) took the time and probed intelligently to understand what really motivated me about joining a trust, as well as how I could add value through my skills. We zeroed in on a trust that fitted my values and skillset surprisingly fast, and it was an excellent fit from the outset. I'd thoroughly recommend you apply, the process was an absolute pleasure."

A rewarding challenge

Richard Godfrey
Non-exec, HEARTS Academy Trust

"Making a difference to the personal growth of our future generations is both rewarding and challenging"

An invaluable source of support

James O'Neill, Chair of Board of Directors
The Education Village Academy Trust

"Academy Ambassadors have been invaluable in identifying a suitable candidate for a vacancy on our Board of Directors."

Academy Ambassadors were instrumental

David Wilde, non-executive director
Eastern Multi-Academy Trust

I have a wealth of experience and training as a senior leader and member of teams that have  succeeded in challenging circumstances across public services and wanted to share that as a NED and give back to communities. The Academy Ambassadors were instrumental in helping me fulfil that wish with one of the new Multi-Academy Trusts, a great opportunity to make a difference

Delivering outstanding outcomes

Sir Steve Lancashire, Chief Executive

"AA made the impossible job of finding talented trustees possible..."

The whole process was effective, helpful and professional

Paul Carvin, Chair
The Three Rivers Learning Trust

"It was really easy and convenient to use the services of Academy Ambassadors to help with this recruitment."

Students reaching their potential

Sam Page
Non-executive, Diocese of Canterbury Academy Trust

 "I look forward to supporting them as they seek to enable more young people to fulfil their potential."

Being part of the solution

Paul Wright, Non-exec
Ascent Academies Trust

"My position on the finance and audit committees are proving a great platform for my experience to be put to good use."

Supporting the next generation of children

Carol Lees, Non-executive director
Lion Academy Trust

"I feel education is everybody's responsibility."

Delighted to have two highly experienced new directors working with us

Chris Seaton
Schoolsworks Academy Trust

"We had heard much about Academy Ambassadors and been encouraged to use them to help us to strengthen our trust board."