Persuaded me it would be fun

Paul Goodson
Swale Academies Trust

"They found me an appointment which suited my personal skills and interests."

Delighted to have two highly experienced new directors working with us

Chris Seaton
Schoolsworks Academy Trust

"We had heard much about Academy Ambassadors and been encouraged to use them to help us to strengthen our trust board."

I would strongly recommend Academy Ambassadors

Mike Parish
Samuel Ward Academy Trust

"The Academy Ambassadors documentation is thorough, informative and highly accessible. It would rank highly amongst the best business information packs."

Education for the next generations

Roy Sanders, Non-exec
Burnt Mill Academy Trust

"State education throughout got me where I am."

Putting leadership skills to work for the wider community

Christine Wilson, Non-executive Director
Potential in Everyone Academy Trust

"I was delighted to find the Academy Ambassadors website, as I had been keen for some time to put my legal and leadership skills to work for the benefit of the wider community. I am now a non-executive director of an academy trust and a member of the trust's finance and staffing committee. I have met interesting and dedicated people in the process - what unites us all, from all our different backgrounds, is a commitment to ensure great outcomes for children. Academy Ambassadors managed the process very effectively, putting me in touch with a trust who was seeking a board member with my skill set".

I would recommend using Academy Ambassadors

David Willis
Chair, Paradigm Trust

"We were pleased with the support provided by Academy Ambassadors"

Developing strong governance

Simon Beamish
Chief Exec, Leigh Academies Trust

"Academy Ambassadors have been excellent in helping us to continue to develop strength within governance"

Being part of the solution

Paul Wright, Non-exec
Ascent Academies Trust

"My position on the finance and audit committees are proving a great platform for my experience to be put to good use."

The next era of governance

Tim Coulson
CEO at The Samuel Ward Academy Trust and former RSC for East England and North East London

"The Samuel Ward Academy Trust was at the start of the next era of governance, with a board that had led the initial start-up of the trust and rapid growth ready to pass on the next generation of directors. The trust asked Academy Ambassadors for help and through the careful help of Sarah Pittam have successfully appointed a new chair and three new directors – these four individuals each come from impressive backgrounds and have within weeks thrown themselves into the work of the trust and are clearly going to make significant contributions to the development of the trust. Sarah supported the chair find possible directors by identifying a dozen possible appointees, shortlisting six and appointing three. The Chief Executive is clear that he is working with a board who will assist the executive with the rigour and creativity they bring."

Students reaching their potential

Sam Page
Non-executive, Diocese of Canterbury Academy Trust

 "I look forward to supporting them as they seek to enable more young people to fulfil their potential."