I hoped my accounting and financial experience could be useful

Christopher Kirkness
University of Brighton Academy Trust

"I am delighted to have now joined the Board of the University of Brighton Academies Trust"

I look forward to improving the life chances of young people.

Steve Lees
Moor End Academies Trust

"It was clear to me that Academy Ambassadors is a passionate and talented team."

Effective search

James Weatherill, Non-executive Director
Langley Park Learning Trust

"I wish private sector search firms were this effective! Sarah (Regional Adviser) took the time and probed intelligently to understand what really motivated me about joining a trust, as well as how I could add value through my skills. We zeroed in on a trust that fitted my values and skillset surprisingly fast, and it was an excellent fit from the outset. I'd thoroughly recommend you apply, the process was an absolute pleasure."

Getting the top people quickly and efficiently

Martin Devitt, Director
Kite Academy Trust

"...a pleasure to work with Sarah and the team at Academy Ambassadors as we look for high quality, enthusiastic non-executive directors..."

Within six weeks we had appointed five new directors.

Caroline Bagley, Chair
Tapton Schools Academy Trust

"I can highly recommend Scott and Academy Ambassadors"

Academy Ambassadors have been extremely helpful

Frances Johnson, Chair
Conyers Trust

Academy Ambassadors have been extremely helpful in finding two new Trustees with a high level of experience in the areas we required. 

Make a difference to education

Mitesh Patel
Acorn Trust

"Academy Ambassadors talked me through all the steps."

Putting leadership skills to work for the wider community

Christine Wilson, Non-executive Director
Potential in Everyone Academy Trust

"I was delighted to find the Academy Ambassadors website, as I had been keen for some time to put my legal and leadership skills to work for the benefit of the wider community. I am now a non-executive director of an academy trust and a member of the trust's finance and staffing committee. I have met interesting and dedicated people in the process - what unites us all, from all our different backgrounds, is a commitment to ensure great outcomes for children. Academy Ambassadors managed the process very effectively, putting me in touch with a trust who was seeking a board member with my skill set".

The service offered was reliable and well managed

The Hearts Multi-Academy Trust

"Regional Director Sarah Pittam was very supportive"

Delighted to have two highly experienced new directors working with us

Chris Seaton
Schoolsworks Academy Trust

"We had heard much about Academy Ambassadors and been encouraged to use them to help us to strengthen our trust board."