Academy Ambassadors is an invaluable resource for new and growing trusts

Sir Roger Fry, Chair
King's Group Academies

"We were hugely impressed with the professional and speedy service offered by Academy Ambassadors."

Contributing to progress

Miles Templeman, Non-executive director
Howard Partnership Trust

"Improving the bottom 30% of schools both secondary and primary, is fundamental to UK's success and the Academy Movement has a vital role to play. I am delighted to contribute to that progress."

Invaluable support

Mark Jeffries
Newly appointed Chair and Member of Evolution Academy Trust

“The support and advice from Academy Ambassadors has been invaluable. The opportunity to talk through the likely requirements of the role with Sarah Pittam was particularly helpful.”

Academy Ambassadors is a thoroughly professional organisation

Keith Kirby
The Synaptic Trust

"It has been a very good experience."

Contributing to great work

Nathan Peacey, Head of Markets at Foot Anstey LLP
Trust in Learning Academy Trust

"So here I am, sleeves rolled up, and ready to get stuck in." 

Strategies and solutions needed to help schools develop

Vanessa Wright
Generations Multi Academy Trust

"I got involved in the Generations Multi-Academy Trust for a number of reasons. Over the course of the last year, I have moved into the Schools business at Pearson. Firstly, running our Schools Australia business and more recently have moved back to the UK and joining our Schools business here. Multi-academy trusts are growing in number in the sector and this experience has proven invaluable to understand the kinds of challenges the schools, teachers and learners are having. This insight really helps me think about the strategy and solutions we need to be developing to help schools achieve their goals. I have been hugely impressed with the professionalism of the Generations MAT and the quality of the conversations about how to help every student fulfil their potential. I have been heartened that this is exactly what we are also hoping to do at Pearson - helping people make progress in their lives through learning - and what and how we can better support our schools to do that.

Secondly, this newly formed multi-academy trust has a school in the trust with a demographic in an area very similar to where I grew up and I feel very lucky that I have been able to have experiences and opportunities that not everyone was able to have. This is my opportunity to give something back to a school like the one I went to so that others navigating the school system also feel that they can dare to dream and aspire to achieve things they never thought they would or could too.

Thank you Academy Ambassadors for enabling me to have this opportunity to work directly with a trust and group of schools. It has been a fantastic learning experience and a great opportunity for professional development."

Impressive appointment

Simon Beamish, CEO
Leigh Academies Trust

'This is the second time you have provided us with such an impressive appointment.' 

Breaking the link

Michael Wemms
Chair, E-ACT

"I hope my experience will help the Trust achieve its mission of breaking the link between poverty and under-achievement."

Bringing insight from the Human Resources sector

Kaye Forrest, Non-exec
University of Chichester Academy Trust

"I am passionate about trying to help others achieve their full potential"

Corporate Britain has a huge role to play in education

Paul Marshall, Chair
Ark Schools

"I encourage academy trusts and business leaders to come together through Academy Ambassadors."