The service offered was reliable and well managed

The Hearts Multi-Academy Trust

"Regional Director Sarah Pittam was very supportive"

I was impressed with the way in which Academy Ambassadors matched trusts with applicants’ skills sets

Richard Conway
Parkside Federations Academies MAT

"I wanted to become a director to help trusts and their executive leadership teams improve their financial skills and knowledge of running businesses"

So far we are delighted with the results

Paul Tranter, Chair
Otley Prince Henry's Academy Trust

"Working with Academy Ambassadors gave us the opportunity to cast our net wider than our immediate community, giving us exposure to new people with different skill sets and expertise."

The whole process was effective, helpful and professional

Paul Carvin, Chair
The Three Rivers Learning Trust

"It was really easy and convenient to use the services of Academy Ambassadors to help with this recruitment."

Working with Academy Ambassadors has been a great experience

Holly Thompson
Cleves Cross Learning Trust

"I look forward to supporting Cleves Cross Learning Trust to drive the trust forward."

I wanted to use my experience to benefit the education of local children

Simon Williamson
River Tees Multi Academy Trust, Middlesbrough

"My experience with Academy Ambassadors has been excellent with everything explained really well and good communication throughout. The process has been handled very professionally.
I wanted to become a non-executive director as I now feel that I've reached the stage of my life where, having worked for myself and my own benefit up until now, I wanted to use my experience to benefit the education of local children. Education is really important to me – I believe it to be the catalyst for success, happiness and a fulfilling life."

Taking the trust forward

Simon O'Keefe, Chief Executive
Stour Academy Trust

"The Academy Ambassadors team have been superb in identifying business leaders that accurately matched our requests."

Academy Ambassadors' approach meant that I had the opportunity to be “matched” to an oganisation

David Mitchell
Radcliffe Academy Trust

The opportunity to connect with an organisation on a long-term basis as it develops and goes on its road of growth very much appealed to me

Academy Ambassadors provided eight excellent candidates

David Tait, Chair
The Bridge Trust

"We are now in the position thanks to Academy Ambassadors help of having a board of directors and support that would not be out of place for a listed company."

Academy Ambassadors has helped Isle Education Trust to recruit Directors of an excellent calibre.

Karen Wild
Isle Education Trust

"With the help of Academy Ambassadors, we have built a Board that is ready for growth."