Westminster Social Policy Forum: The future for the Northern Powerhouse - infrastructure, economic growth and the refreshed Northern Powerhouse strategy

| 6 December 2019 | 8:30am - 1:00pm
Central Manchester
Hosted by: 
Westminster Social Policy Forum

This seminar will examine the future for the Northern Powerhouse and is timed to follow the refreshed Northern Powerhouse Strategy expected later this year.

Sessions will provide an opportunity to assess the refreshed Strategy - which aims to set out a vision for future prosperity in the North, building on progress already made - and what it means for the region.

Key stakeholders across business and local government will be sharing their views on the way forward.

Further sessions will consider:

  • Growth across the North:
    • What more could be needed to deliver economic growth for the whole of the North of England and balance investment across the region; and
    • An update on the next steps for devolution in Yorkshire.
  • Skills and innovation:
    • Discussion around the role of universities, industry partnerships and how to make sure that the skills taught are what businesses need.
  • Coordination with other regions:
    • What more can be done to effectively work in partnership with neighbouring regions - such as North Wales and the Midlands.
  • Policy priorities:
    • Next steps for policy and the refreshed Northern Powerhouse Strategy - as the Government announces a new ministerial role for the Northern Powerhouse aimed at coordinating policy on economic development.