Academy visits

Visit an academy to learn more about how you could use your business skills on an academy board.

Visits usually take place on a school morning and are an opportunity for attendees to speak to the senior leadership team, tour the school, observe lessons and speak to a member of the governance team. We usually include time with a non-executive director who has a business background to offer their insights on how their expertise and business skillset has helped the trust.

We organise regular visits to academies located in major cities across England. However, if you do not hear of any visits at a convenient time and location for you, please do get in touch – we can often help to facilitate a tour of an academy local to you.

If you would like to attend an academy visit or for more information please contact us


Helen Pugh, Experienced Finance Professional: 

Having seen from STEP what can be achieved, even with the worst performing schools, I feel very energised about the idea of becoming involved and helping today's children get the most out of their education and reach their potential. I know what a huge difference my education made to my life, it opened up opportunities and experiences my parents wouldn't even have dreamt of, and I passionately believe that everyone should have the right to achieve the most they are capable of.

I found this a particularly useful and informative morning. The team at Isaac Newton Academy have clearly shown what can be achieved through hard work, creativity and a practical approach to achieving academic excellence.  These results were reflected in the attitudes and achievements of the students we met, and their enthusiasm for the academy.

The visit provided me with a very useful understanding of how a school is run within the academy trust system. It is also clearly a fabulous school which will go from strength to strength.