Advisory Ambassadors

With over 1,800 non-executive directors appointed through the programme the Academy Ambassadors network forms the largest network of senior business leaders involved in education.

Advisory Ambassadors are academy trust board members from across England who have significant experience of leading change in education. They support the Academy Ambassadors programme to achieve wider impact by using their skills and experience to share best practice with board members, new trusts and trusts facing long-standing poor performance.

Advisory Ambassadors promote good governance by: 

  • Supporting a trust by becoming a Member or trustee, 
  • Mentoring new board members,   
  • Publically sharing expertise. 

By working together, inspirational educationalists and talented business leaders can provide a better future for the next generation of school leavers. Thanks to the generosity of our Advisory Ambassadors, many trustees and boards have benefitted directly from shared knowledge and experience.