BetterBoard Seminar: Risk

BetterBoard Seminars | 24 June 2019 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm
KPMG, 1 Saint Peter's Square, Manchester M2 3AE
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What does risk management mean within the education and MAT sector? Which areas require focus – financial, safeguarding, succession? How do MAT boards ensure the quality of the risk register as a management tool rather than just an annual conversation? What is regarded as a robust mitigation? Join Steve Hodsman, Chair of Delta Academies Trust, Kevin Binley, experienced MAT trustee and Scott Walker to answer these questions and share lessons learnt on risk. 

Steve Hodsman, Chair of Delta Academies Trust

Following a successful career in the police, Steve retired in 2016. He has been involved in school governance since 2010, and was appointed to the board of Delta in 2014. He became Chair in 2015 and led major changes in trust development, successfully re-structuring both Trustees and Members at the Trust. Having undertaken a complete re-focusing of Trust governance and leadership in 2016, he continues to deliver long term Trust educational and financial sustainability. Steve engages in support to System Leaders at the highest levels, a member of the Large MAT Chairs Group, Steve promotes system leadership at national and regional conferences and round-tables.

Scott Walker, Regional Adviser - Lancashire and West Yorkshire; East Midlands and Humber

Scott Walker taught maths and ICT in secondary schools for 20 years before working as a school improvement advisor for an LA and then the DfE.  He lead the national programme to mainstream the work of Excellence in Cities (one of the largest national school improvement projects based in inner cities) and then became one of the national advisers to the academies programme. He left the DfE for a while to work for a private school improvement company and specialised in the set-up of academies and free schools. He continues to work part-time for the DfE as an education adviser on the academies free school programme.

Kevin Binley, trustee at HEART Academies Trust and alumni mentor

Kevin has extensive experience  in technology, in software development, then product management followed by 21 years in Sales Management, Business Development, and Operational Management. He recently left PS Financials as Director and is now a NED at Heart Academies Trust in Bedford and Peterborough Diocese Education Trust as well as a mentor to MAT NEDs. 

When joining an academy trust board, new non-executive directors (NEDS) will meet the same challenges as any business board: to define a compelling vision and strategy; to operate within financial constraints and to create an effective governance structure. However, there can be barriers faced by those joining boards from business and the professions. BetterBoard seminars will focus on sharing best practice from Academy Ambassadors alumni and sector leaders. Topics include financial governance, school improvement for non-educationalists, risk and more.