BetterBoard Seminar: Governance Masterclass

BetterBoard Seminars | 23 May 2019 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm
KPMG, 66 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4BE
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Forget the organogram... what makes a clear and effective governance structure? Using real examples of governance failure, Felicity Gillespie will share insights on setting a robust strategy and accountability measures that foster board effectiveness alongside a MAT trustee.

Join sector leaders and peers to refresh your MAT governance knowledge, discuss the updates to the Governanace Handbook and delve into some fascinating case studies. 

Felicity Gillespie, Governance Expert

Felicity has over 20 years' experience in the UK's education sector, working as an adviser to Ministers and senior officials. Her experience spans many roles including non-executive director, Education Adviser and has expertise in MAT governance, particularly turnaround and crisis management cases.


BetterBoard seminars will focus on sharing best practice from Academy Ambassadors alumni and sector leaders. Speakers will include the Department for Education, governance experts, Academy Ambassadors alumni, multi-academy trust representatives and governance training providers covering a range of content focused on governance best practice.